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A New Delicious, a New Problem.

Posted on Sep 29th, 2011 by

the new Delicious
In the past days, Delicious, the widely popular bookmarking site, changed their ehmm, how should I call it: their “website”, their user interface?

If it were only the user-interface, I’d be happy, but some of the functionality changed too… Yet another example of “If you seriously engage in social media, you can’t keep it as a ‘hobby’..” There is always something that changes, needs maintenance, needs updating, debugging… For me that is half of the fun. But it also means “works never stops”.

Back to Delicious: I had not even noticed the changes, until last night when I got a Skype call in from Simone, one of my clients: “Help, the Delicious feeds on my blog no longer work.”

Simone is using Delicious extensively (and “cleverly”, I may say), to bookmark events, interesting literature, reference sites etc… All as properly tagged, and we were using Delicious feeds for each tag to display the bookmarks on her blog.

Unfortunately, since last night, the Delicious widget to display RSS feeds for tags no longer works. You can only get a widget for the RSS feed on ALL bookmarks from one user, but not per user tag.

I sent a mail to Delicious “Feedback” account, asking for clarification if this would no longer be supported.

This is the mail I got back:

Thanks for sending us your feedback. Due to the high volume of emails, this is an auto reply. However, as Delicious goes back to beta, please know that we’re reading all emails as your suggestions and report are incredibly important to the team and we’re working overtime to resolve your issues.

To keep you updated on our progress, please check our engineering system status page here:

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback and know that we’re working hard to dial everything in.

So WTF does that mean? Is this a civilized way of saying “Thank you, but what-ever?” This is a good way to lose the support from your user basis, Delicious! #Fail.

So what will we do? Hmm… I saw the bookmark tags are actually in the user feed, so probably I can filter them out with Yahoo Pipes, and generate an RSS feed per tag, through Pipes…

But that will require some work. Again.


Update 1 :
I don’t seem to be alone in my frustration of the Delicious web revamp? Check this article (and the comments!). People seem to have lost tags in the transition, and are reporting multiple bugs on the website, the widgets, RSS feeds, etc…
A good example how a migration to a new website should NOT be done.

Update 2 :
I am contemplating to move all my bookmarks to Diigo (which seems to include all the -old- Delicious functionality and is more stable). Diigo allows you to import bookmarks from Delicious but beware: the new Delicious has a bug which screws up the dates of your bookmarks.
In a test I did, I ended up with my oldest bookmarks as the most recent. Beh! Only work-around is to manually edit the Delicious export file. Have fun!

Update 3 :
It seems all tags from the old Delicious which contained spaces, disappeared. I also noticed that there is an inherent problem with bookmark dates, and the widgets they used to support for blogs, now contain junk characters. Widgets which displayed tag-based feeds no longer work.

8 Comments to “A New Delicious, a New Problem.”

  1. Seo Company says:

    Delicious is the best in social media. Most of the case we are aware of their value, Thanks.

  2. Elia says:

    I have the same problem on my blog, now you talk about diigo, does wordpress have a widget for it or for the wordpress widget we should just wait and hope that deliciuos fixes this madness?

    • Peter says:

      Elia: The easiest would probably be: take the Diigo RSS feed, and import it into WordPress with the standard RSS widget.

  3. Better Homes says:

    Delicious is getting better, but they should’ve adopted some other way to impost this huge change. People are frustrated about their change.

  4. shimaa says:

    i have a problem with delicious and feedburner that is my rss feeds import updates on delicious and i dont know why?

  5. fabio says:

    I use delicious as a content-curation tool. I use Feed2Feed ( to automatically add images to my bookmarked links, and then I use wp Pipes to import this “enriched” feed to create new post into my blog. It works perfectly! Does anybody do the same?

  6. Delicious social bookmarking website is good. but need to improve its UI, google indexing. even people not happy with its no indexing in Google or search engine.

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