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At the International Forum on Water and Food:
Our social media team is rocking!

Posted on Nov 11th, 2011 by

IFWF3Barely two months have passed since we published a post, asking for volunteers to cover the forum via social media. By now, we have gathered about 20 social reporters who will “report” live from the Forum itself. Another 80 (!) social media volunteers spread all over the world will be helping to “propagate” the content through their own social networks.

The volunteering group consists of people from all walks of life: we found volunteers amongst our own staff, development specialists, social media geeks and loads of people who are interested in our cause.

Interestingly enough, most of these people have never met, and might never meet, except through their common goal: help disseminate information about CPWF and the Forum, via social media.

Over the past eight weeks, the volunteers set up an email discussion forum to prepare and coordinate their efforts, and used a Google Sites wiki-like collaborative website to “register” some of the agreements they reached, the tools they were going to use, etc..

While “normally”, social reporters only kick in action at the start of an event—the Forum in our case—our enthusiasts went quite a step further; driven by our cause, they dug into our website, and generated several blog posts to introduce some of our research.
They set up our Facebook page and have been generating a lot of interest via Twitter. They monitored the Internet buzz about CPWF and IFWF, published some of our content into other languages and reached out to their own social media networks to get people interested in the work we do.

Now that we are on the verge of kicking off the IFWF3 forum itself, the team, like a group of athletes, is all trained and geared up. The group will conduct social media trainings on Saturday, for any Forum participant who wants to attend. On Sunday afternoon, they will hold the first social reporters coordination meeting at the Forum venue.

“This will be interesting,” says Ilse Pukinskis, who has been pivotal in organising the social media team. “Many of us have been working together for months now, but have never met. It will be nice to put faces to the different names. It is more than exciting to start some of the real reporting work…”

The social media team will be attending all sessions and will report on some of the key messages. Their offsite colleagues are standing by to spread the content into the social media world.

Here are the social media channels we will using:

Edited from the original post on the IFWF3 blog.
I have the privilege to coordinate the social media team at the forum

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Our social media team is rocking!”

  1. Interesting. Nice take on getting noticed.

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