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Blogger now features a true preview

Posted on Jun 13th, 2010 by
blogger preview button

The Blogger Preview button now does new magic

For years, bloggers cursed the lack of a real preview function in Blogger, one of the most popular blog platforms.

After you wrote a blogpost, the ‘old’ preview button used to bring up a pop-up screen which gave a ‘kinda’ preview of your post, which did not take into account most styling options you had in your template. That made the preview button close to useless.

It looked like Blogger is listening to its users now. After implementing an easy way to change your template template, the Blogger preview is now a “real preview”: Hit the “Preview button” and by gosh, close to what WordPress had for years already, a new window comes up, showing exactly how your blogpost will show up after you publish it, with a ribbon across the left corner saying ‘Preview’, in your localized language:

The new Blogger preview

The new Blogger preview

One Comment to “Blogger now features a true preview”

  1. Zinc says:

    Figures– this “new feature” at present is only netting me a page with a couple of gears turning: It never gets past this. I’d love to see a “real” preview but it’s not working for me.

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