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Blogger now features a template designer

Posted on Jun 11th, 2010 by
Blogger dashboard

The new Blogger Dashboard – Notice anything different?

Last night, Blogger announced their online template designer.

Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on “Design”, and you get a split screen:

Blogger template designer

Blogger template designer

The new template designer lets you change and tweak your blog to your heart’s content, from the basic layout (one-two-three column, mixed columns), to the background images, fonts and colours. In the bottom screen, you can see a preview of the changes to your actual blog.

I have to say, I am impressed. It seems Blogger is definitively moving into the 21st century ;-)

Beware of two things though:

  1. if you added manual customizations to your template file, like meta data or the Google Analytics code, these customizations will not be taken into your new template. Before changing anything, make a backup of your ‘old’ template. Once done, manually paste the customizations into your new template.
    And remember, each time you change your new template, your customizations will go ‘Poof’. Really wished Google would make a widget where you can easily add often used code. I mean who does NOT run the Google Analytics code on their blog?
  2. Once you change the template of your blog, loads of things, other than the pure layout might change: Changing the width of your posts will have text wrap around pictures differently. Your tables, blockquotes, picture framing,… will all look differently.
    This might make changing a Blogger template more tricky than just a few clicks. Check out the pains I had to go through when changing the template for one of my blogs.

Want to see how you can play with the new Blogger Template? I changed the layout of one of my blogs -The Non-Profit Press- in 3 minutes flat.

2 Comments to “Blogger now features a template designer”

  1. DLN says:

    I have created new blog. But i can’t understand how to upload images to blog’s header. Like this

    Uploaded with

    • Peter says:

      On Blogger, it is normally pretty easy to upload an image to the header.

      Go to Design > Page Elements and click on the top element (which is just under the NavBar), called your blogname- (Header)

      A new window will open up and you will find the options to upload an image as a header banner there.


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