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Blogger: New user interface and mobile themes

Posted on Sep 6th, 2011 by
new Blogger user interface

Welcome to the 21st century, Blogger!

Well, Blogger catches on! They just announced a brand new user interface.

The last significant upgrade of Blogger was way back in 2007. Even though they added a new template designer and added a new preview function just one year ago, the basic user interface remained unchanged and archaic.

Not so with the latest changes. As of August 31st, they gradually release their new user interface to all Blogger users. Mine got enabled today, and I have to say, I am impressed.

How to switch to the new Blogger interface?

how to switch to the new Blogger user interface

In the Dashboard, click on “Try the new Blogger interface” in the right upper corner. Simple as that.

What does the new Blogger interface do?

Loads of things. First of all, the user interface is much smoother, faster and more intuitive. Can’t resist that!

If you manage several Blogger blogs, like I do, your dashboard gives an immediate overview of all blogs, with some key figures (visitor stats, number of blogposts, followers,…

Each blog features the same settings functions, but again, presented in a faster and smoother way.

Mobile themes. Finally!

One of the things Blogger did not announce (dunno why), but definitively is a added plus: you can now enable a mobile theme on your blog. #Finally!

Tumblr, Posterous and had mobile themes since for ever, and I showed you before how to enable a mobile theme on blog.

Finally, browsing a Blogger blog on a mobile is a joy!

How do you switch to a mobile theme on the new Blogger?

In “Template”, click on the gear-icon, select your mobile theme, and off you go!
Works perfectly, even if your “normal” web template is heavily customized, as for my personal blog. And of course, it does not change your “normal” web template, when you browse your blog from a computer.


2 Comments to “Blogger: New user interface and mobile themes”

  1. miftah says:

    New Blogger interface looks more modern and dynamic, it takes time to adapt to using this new dashboard

  2. weindians says:

    did they remove importing n exporting theme option??

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