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BlogTips Tutorial:
How to analyse your blog’s visitors statistics

Posted on Mar 25th, 2011 by

Cairo traffic jam

A serious blog is geared towards its audience. As a serious blogger, it is important you understand your audience, your readers.
Simple and free tools like Google Analytics, will give you heaps of figures, but how do you make sense out of all that? What do these figures mean and what can I do with this?

In this tutorial I use a practical case study to help you analyse your traffic and answer some basic questions:

  • Analysing the traffic quantity: Where does my visitors’ traffic come from? How much traffic do I get from search engines and social bookmarking sites? Should I do efforts to increase that traffic? Why?
  • Analysing the traffic quality: The difference between new visitors and returning visitors? Why should I turn an occasional visitor into a returning visitor? How much time do visitors spend on my blog, and why is that important?
  • Concluding – How to get more quality traffic to my blog: What is the most effective way to find new and returning visitors for my blog? Should I spend more time on social bookmarking, on search engine optimization or on discussion forums to get new visitors?


Picture courtesy Walid Hassanein

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How to analyse your blog’s visitors statistics”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    What I wonder is where the money comes from- is it the returning loyal visitors or the people doing random google searches? Still working on integrating adsense with analytics to figure that one out. I’ve been doing monthly updates of my traffic stats too, so hopefully other people can learn from my mistakes and successes- take a look:

    Monthly Traffic and Income Reports

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