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BlogTips Tutorial:
How to select your blog platform

Posted on Mar 25th, 2011 by

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Alright! You recognized your organisation can benefit from a blog and you know what you will blog about. But… which “software” should you use to blog? From the many different blogplatforms on the market, which suits your needs?

In this tutorial, I explain the questions you need to ask yourself, the basic choices you will have to make and will give you practical tips to choose the blogging tool which is the best suited for your needs:

  1. Why is it important to choose the right blog platform? What are the different blog platforms on the market? If you make the wrong choice, can you still switch?
  2. Should you selfhost your blog or not? Do you want to use the free blog blogplatforms that host the blog for you, or do you want to run the blog on your own server? Is this linked to having your own domain? What are the advantages and pitfalls of this choice?
  3. What functionality do the different blog platforms offer? Looking deeper at the most popular blog software and blogging platforms, are there special niches they are made for? What functionality do you want?
  4. Which blog platform is the easiest to use and offers the best support? Or: what is the difference between heaven and hell?
  5. Which blog platforms are the most flexible to configure your layout, design and navigation? Appeal, graphic layout and usability are sometimes hampered by limitations imposed by the blogging software. Which blogging software is the most “feature rich”?
  6. Which blog platform is the easiest to customize? If a blog software does not offer you what you want and how you want it, what can you customize? Which is the most flexible blog software?
  7. Summarizing: So which blogging software is your final choice? A summary of the pro’s and con’s of the most popular blog packages.

So… WordPress, Typepad, Blogger or Tumblr, what is your choice? :)


Writing this series, I got significant help from Dave Barnhart, who filled in the blanks on Typepad and Movable Type.
Dave is a social media strategy consultant, founder of Business Blogging Pros, and a gourmet chef. He and his firm have been helping companies use social media since 2005.
He blogs at Business Blogging Pros and Fumbling Foodie. Check out some of the blogs he has created.

6 Comments to “BlogTips Tutorial:
How to select your blog platform”

  1. Kader says:

    I prefer to use blogger platform , I started with him and want to stay on Blogger platform, which is improving day after day

  2. Vangelis says:

    I started with blogger and i might stay with it

  3. enzo testa says:

    I find WordPress to be one of the top blog software to use. One can never say WordPress is the best. It’s ranks high in the top 5.

  4. enzo testa says:

    I have used several different platforms but found WordPress to be my personal choice. Easy and user friendly along with thousands of plugins and themes.

  5. enzo testa says:

    WordPress is by far the best. Easy to configure and very user friendly. Not to mention the hundreds of excellent plugins available.

  6. John Geroutis says:

    I have used Google’s Blogger and . Although, the most common answer is that WordPress is the king I think that Blogger is a little underrated and only because free hosting platforms are considered unprofessional. Despite that explanation. Blogger is a perfect blogging platform for everyone.

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