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BlogTips got a new layout

Posted on Mar 24th, 2013 by
The old BlogTips layout

The old BlogTips layout

BlogTips is four years old. What originally started as a collection of posts on social media, grew to a mixed bag of 200 posts, covering a variety of topics. The old layout was a conventional blog setup of a chronological string of posts.

As time went by, and the amount of posts grew, it became more and more difficult for a visitor to find back relevant content. And in the end, I decided to “walk my talk”, and follow the criteria I set out myself in evaluating blogs: the whole setup had to changed.

As usual when one does a blog revamp, the issue was not so much which template to choose, a magazine theme was the most obvious. No, the challenge was more (as typical when you revamp a blog or a website): “How do I organise and structure my content for the best user experience.

Revamping this blog was on my mind for several months. I contemplated for quite a while “what content I had”, and “how to structure” this variety of topics. After re-structuring the posts into new categories, the actual revamp – switching from one template to another- was done in six hours: Insert new categories, switch themes, configure the theme, and check all posts for formatting issues.

This new layout, navigation and user experience is what I came up with. Is it finished? By jolly, it is not. A blog revamp is never finished, it is a continuous process. But I am pretty happy with the result. What do you think?

3 Comments to “BlogTips got a new layout”

  1. John says:

    Much better layout. I like it!

  2. GekGagoexpage says:

    Can anyone help me with animatics here ?

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