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The evolution of social communications

May 4th, 2013 | By

Evolution of Communication

Cartoon by Mike Keefe.

Discovered by Jeff Bullas and Roxy Samii

The Onion and Twitter

Apr 24th, 2013 | By

This is so funny. This video and The Onion’s article “Guy With 10,000 Tweets, 15 Followers About Ready To Hang It Up” made me think about many things we do in social media for our nonprofit causes..

The things we get hung up on, and the focus we often do not have… It is nice, from time to time to relativate it all and to put things into perspective. What is a means and what is a goal?


(with HT to Marina Cherbonnier)

YouTube in the good old days

Apr 1st, 2013 | By

YouTube vintage ad

Picture courtesy Ads of the World, discovered via The PreSurfer

Batman and Superman on social media

Feb 7th, 2012 | By

Could not resist posting this. :)

Video courtesy How It Should Have Ended

Scroll wheels for Dummies

Jun 25th, 2011 | By

Yep.. Looks familiar. I know all too many people who enter URLs in the Google search bar…
“But it gets me where I want to go…”

Animation by Guy Collins, music by Kevin MacLeod, titled “Comic Plodding”. (Discovered via Boing Boing)

Yahoo Pipes Significant Error Message

May 12th, 2011 | By

Yahoo Pipes significant error message

Yahoo Pipes is acting up again. Here is their most significant of error messages…

So.. should I tell them I think there is a problem?… :-)

Twitter: how to keep a secret

Dec 17th, 2010 | By

Twitter: how to keep a secret

Cartoon courtesy Geek and Poke

Love is… letting her choose your blog’s banner

Aug 7th, 2010 | By

Love is... letting her choose your blog's banner

Cartoon inspired by the work of Kim Casali

Love is… tethering on her iPhone

Jun 27th, 2010 | By

Love is... tethering on her iPhone

Cartoon inspired by the work of Kim Casali

Love is… debugging the WiFi together

Jun 11th, 2010 | By

Love is... debugging the WiFi together

Cartoon inspired by the work of Kim Casali

Love is… buying her a domain

May 29th, 2010 | By

Love is... running her CRON job

Cartoon inspired by the work of Kim Casali