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Google did a PageRank update.
Well… kinda.

Posted on Jan 21st, 2011 by

Google Vintage

Well, whatdoyaknow… Google hardly waited after I gave them bad rating for postponing their pagerank updates :), and here we go: On January 20 Google started a new pagerank update.

It is hard to find exact information on the pagerank update, but there is a lot of buzz in the SEO world going on at this moment, with plenty of Twitter chatter from webmasters and bloggers alike: while Google continuously updates the pageranks for webpages for internal use, the only external sign we have is the update of the Google Pagerank toolbar. That’s how we, bloggers, can check any changes in the pagerank for our blog, using tools like this PRChecker.

I have about 30 different blogs and websites, and checked their pagerank changes in the past 24-48 hours. Here are my findings for the last Google PageRank update – for what I have seen so far on my own blogs-:

  1. No new sites were pageranked:
    Only sites which had a pagerank before, got updated it seems: I have half a dozen sites which I started at least six months ago, and they did not get a pagerank. In the past (up to early 2010), new sites were ranked much faster. The slow pace in which Google picks up new websites is discouraging news for those of you who started a new blog.
  2. Many existing sites had a significant page re-ranking:
    And that is particularly true for previously lower ranked sites. I have several blogs, which dropped back to PR0 a year ago, and now got reranked to PR3 or even PR4, even though I did not change the SEO strategy.
  3. Content seems to matter less, frequency of updates matters more:
    I have several blogs with good and unique content, which rank (much) lower now than blogs which are merely a JavaScript to display an RSS feed. Take this blog: it updates its content ever five minutes by reading an RSS feed, so its content is changing continuously… That blog now shot up to PR5… Hmmm.
    That seems to be contradictory to all intended efforts by Google to favour sites with unique content. “Beh!” is all I can say. Once again, this is discouraging bloggers concentrating on good content.

So, how did your blog fare with the new pagerank cycle? And how does it position itself on this PageRank survey I did for 200 nonprofit blogs?

Picture courtesy DullHunk

6 Comments to “Google did a PageRank update.
Well… kinda.”

  1. Anton says:

    How does one check what pagerank a site is?

  2. webb says:

    I feel so sad today, my pagerank dropped to pr 4.

  3. Really excited that finally Google has updated the Page Rank values of many sites within the Google Toolbar. This is the first toolbar Page Rank update of the year, and arguably the first one in almost 9 months. Its in 19th January, 2011.

    My personal twitter got PR3, hope lots of webmasters are also happy to get new PR value, according to their websites.

    Cheers! Google PR Update

  4. Chennaimoms says:

    My site got PR3 from PR2.

  5. seo lahore says:

    Thanks for sharing for your info…..

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