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How does your blog score on PageRank?

Posted on Aug 17th, 2009 by

A PageRank (PR) is one of the main ways to check a website’s “ranking” amongst its peers. Am I talking Chinese here? “PageRank” is Google’s rating (between PR0 and PR10 on an logarythmic scale) of ‘how valuable’ your site is to the web community (and hereby I shamelessly summarize 234,000 books and 1,234,000 articles written on the subject).

The higher a PageRank, the better, and the higher up your site will feature on a Google search. (and hereby I shamelessly summarize 34,000 books and 2,234,000 articles written on THAT subject)…

While weeding through 200 nonprofit blogs this weekend, I turved the PageRank of each:

Pagerank distribution of the nonprofit blogs

Pagerank distribution of the nonprofit blogs

As 200 blogs are a fair representation of the “nonprofit blog market”, this gives you the opportunity to rate your website amongst your peers… You don’t know your PageRank? Use this tool

Some thoughts are in order here:

  • If your blog rates PR0 then either it must be new (Google sometimes takes 2-3 months to rate a new site), changed its domain recently, or there is something really wrong. (Update July 2011: recently it has taken up to one year for Google to pagerank new sites)
  • As the scale is logarythmic, the step from PR5 to PR6 is much bigger than from a PR2 to PR3…
  • Most of the higher ranked sites (PR7-PR8) are the blogs of large humanitarian organisations.
  • In my experience, if you create a blog, post some stuff, and leave it hanging around, the least you should get, is a PR2.
    Post a few blogs per month, and a PR3 will be your rating.
    Network a bit with your blogging community, cross link to other blogs (and back), post a few updates per week, and Google will award you a PR4. Anything higher up requires more serious work. I will write about the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization in a future post).
  • It takes a long time, sometimes 6 to 12 months before a blog gets a PR up to its true value… Google scans all sites several times per day, and keeps track of your blogs “behaviour”. It builds up the “trust” in your site slowly.
    So don’t get discouraged if you are at the lower end of the table. BlogTips, for instance, has a PR3, but it has only been around for three months. I will see it climb slowly over the coming months.
    (Update July 2011: nowadays, it takes well over one year for a new site to get a Google Pagerank up to its true value. )

So, how did you score?

3 Comments to “How does your blog score on PageRank?”

  1. Renowned Media says:

    Here’s an article helping to explain PageRank if anyone is interested in reading more into it.

  2. daily news says:

    PageRank is probably one of the most important algorithms ever developed for the Web.
    PageRank is not simply based upon the total number of inbound links.
    The basic approach of PageRank is that a document is in fact considered the more important the more other documents link to it,
    but those inbound links do not count equally.
    good points here about Trust now being a major factor in search engine results,
    that goes with what Rand and others have been saying too.
    this also settles for me the value of a natural approach to gaining backlinks and not getting a huge bunch of them,
    or a large # of high pr backlinks in a short period of time – it rather undermines the Trust factor.
    I do wonder what you think of bing and how Trust does/will play a role in their results.
    it seems to me from a rather preliminary and cursory look at some results and comparing those to over at google and yahoo,
    that bing ofter relies more on the keyword/s being the actual url,
    which seems to me a rather poor way to rank sites/pages.
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    • Peter says:

      To be honest, I have not really paid a lot of attention to Bing. On none of the sites I have been involved in, I can see a significant amount of traffic coming from Bing… So I have not seen it useful to engage in tailoring the SEO of a site specifically for Bing.
      The “lazy me”, thinks that “if I do it well for Google, it must work for Bing”… I do submit the sitemaps to Bing, though.. but that is about the only thing specific I do.


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