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How to check if your blog is infected with malware?

Posted on May 14th, 2010 by malware scanner malware scanner

I reported before how to detect if your blog was infected with the recent massive hackers attacks on hosting sites, and how to cure it.

As a follow up, here is the easiest way to detect if your blog has the malware injected: Use the free scanner !

Just enter you blog URL including “http://”, press “Scan”, and there you go.

If the “Malware information” tab goes red, this means that -unfortunately- your site has been infected.

Cure the problem immediately as I described in this post.

If you are a technically a bit more savy, in this post I describe a script that verifies the infection and cures it.

4 Comments to “How to check if your blog is infected with malware?”

  1. zazo says:

    Indeed very big thank you…
    I was very anxious when someone informed me that my blog was blocked by Avast antivirus because of a malware iframe.I didn’t know what to do, then I googled the issue to come across your valuable blog.I read the tips in the post and proceeded directly to which detected an iframe of a site called blogrankers which hides an iframe of a malicious turkish site do warn everyone to avoid mentioned sites.
    Thank you again and please consider me as one of your faithful readers.

  2. Ina says:

    Thank you for this information. I wondered what those WordPress alerts meant so I contacted my hosting support. All they told me was that, whenever a change is made, it could trigger an alert – so don’t worry. Then I came upon your blog post and the link to the Scuri free scanner put my mind at ease.

    I bookmarked this for future use. Great share!!!

  3. Moshe says:

    There is another great free tool at

  4. Peter Kensey says:

    Found another free good malware tester at:

    But Sucuri Scanner still best!

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