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How to compress pictures with Picasa

Posted on Jun 16th, 2011 by

Picasa lets you edit, crop and compress pictures

I am often asked to review blogs and websites. One of the most common problems I find, is simply that blogs are “slow”…

A slow blog is no good. Believe it or not, most of the speed problems are caused by oversized and uncompressed pictures and graphics.

Many bloggers have difficulties to understand the difference between the actual size of a picture (in kbytes), and the physical size (in pixels) on the blog: A small 100 x 100 pixel picture on a blog can be several megabytes.

Here’s why: When you upload a 2000 px x 1000 px, 3 Mbyte picture onto your blog, and resize it to -say- 400x 200 px in your editor, the actual picture downloaded by your browser is still the original 3 Mbyte picture.

To display it properly, the only thing your browser will do, is resizing the original large picture to 400x200px on the fly, as it loads the page.

The solution is very simple, as described in my 7 key tips to speed up a blog: Before you upload any picture onto your blog, crop it to the size you want in your post, and compress it. Don’t resize pictures in your blog editor, ever!

Now that might be easier said than done. How do you resize and compress pictures? Well, I use a simple tool and free tool, Picasa desktop, as one of the ten free blogging tools I use daily.

Picasa scans your hard disk for pictures and organises them into libraries automatically. You can use Picasa for basic colour corrections, but I use it for mostly to crop and compress pictures before I put them up on my blogs.

Here is a short video how to crop and compress pictures using Picasa:

2 Comments to “How to compress pictures with Picasa”

  1. John says:

    Thank you for the video tutorial. It was helpful.

  2. John hug says:

    Thanks for sharing nice information.I was looking for some image optimization tips.This blog have very good information. Picasa is very good tool for compression.But there are some other online tools available on Internet by which you can optimize your photo either jpeg,png with loose of much quality.

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