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Is your Twitter account hacked?

Posted on Dec 19th, 2012 by

Twitter account hacked

More and more Twitter accounts are sending out unsolicited spam tweets without the owner even noticing it. These tweets are sent either as “replies” or as “direct messages” to the account’s followers.

The spam tweets look like this:

  • exactly what are you doing on that video clip  + link
  • some real nasty stuff said about you here + link
  • this guy is saying some bad things about you + link

All links go to spam sites, or malware sites. A nuissance for all, and a guaranteed way to loose Twitter followers fast.

The sad thing is: unless if you monitor your account, or if someone complains, you would not even know.  At this moment, e.g. the European Union’s ECHO Twitter account sends out spam, and I bet you they have not even noticed.
So.. have you checked your outgoing replies and direct messages lately?

If your Twitter account is sending out spam…

If you see your account sends out spam by itself, the first thing to do, is to change your Twitter password.

BUT that is not enough. If your account is spamming others, the culprit might be using one of the applications you have authorized to access your Twitter account. Those might be desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps, sharing apps.., anything which you authorized over the years, to use your account, or to send from your account. And those can be quite a few, if you are an active Twitter user!

The strange thing is: even if you change the password on your Twitter account, those applications do NOT have to be re-authorized. So changing your password won’t stop your account from spamming others, if any of the authorized applications is the culprit sending spam.

To solve this, you need to revoke the access to all apps via this (difficult to find) link. (I bet you will be surprised to see how many apps are authorized to use your account!)

Without hesitation, revoke access to ALL apps. You can easily re-authorize all apps, once you use them. For most apps, that is a simple “click” when starting up the application.

Picture courtesy My Social Agency.

One Comment to “Is your Twitter account hacked?”

  1. larry says:

    This really is a shame because millions of people use twitter daily.

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