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Going to COP18? Join our social reporting team!

Posted on Nov 24th, 2012 by


I coordinate the social media outreach for two events at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) in Qatar next week: ALL-5 (Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day – Dec 3) and ForestDay-6 (Dec 2).

Our social media outreach does not only concentrate on the “standard” advocacy mechanics (webcasting, spread of links and content, video interviews etc..): As we assemble an onsite social reporting team with over twenty experienced people, we also want to reach out to young professionals and teach them how to use the new online media tools.
On Dec 1, we will give a one day crash-training (at the venue of the ALL-5/FD6 events: Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel in Doha) on social media mechanics and social reporting specifically. After that, we will integrate the trainees into our social reporting team, reporting live from both the Forestday and ALL-5 day. During both, they will be guided by our own social reporting team.

This way, we hope to also leave “more lasting heritage” behind, other than “we came, we presented, we reported, and we left”. :)

So I wanted to reach out to anyone who attends COP18, to join our group of young trainees,  follow the social media training, and do a 2 days’ social reporting exercise from FD-6 and ALL-5. No need to say that the training is for free, of course.

I just came back from Uruguay, where we did a similar exercise: 26 young reporters from all over the world were matched with another 10 experienced social reporters. They were trained and reported live from the 2nd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD2). The whole exercise became so popular that the President of Uruguay got to know about it, and sat with our group of social reporters for over one hour. – Check out these pictures on the president’s office website!

Our criteria for trainees are very simple: as long as they are enthusiastic on “the cause” (climate change, the role of food security, agriculture and agroforestry in a changing world) and are good enthused writers, we can take them on.

Interested in joining up? Leave a comment here, or send me a mail via peter (at)

Also, take a glimpse of our social media activity: check out all Twitter traffic with the #ALLforest tag and follow our main Twitter accounts: @agricultureday, @CIFOR_forests, @CGIAR and @CGIARclimate.

5 Comments to “Going to COP18? Join our social reporting team!”

  1. Peter

    I will support from Ecuador, I will follow the event and spread all outcomes and interesting things to principal stakeholders in my country..I will try to ask for days off those days.

    Big hug


  2. Zaid Shopeju says:

    Hey Peter,

    I’m in Doha at the moment for COP18 where I’m representing the voices of the Nigerian and African youth and I am highly interested in issues of food security and agriculture and I will like to participate in the training.

    Kindly get in touch.


    Zaid Shopeju

  3. Peter says:

    Thank you all, for your responses via direct email… ! In the end, we had a team of over 100 social reporters, of which 30 were onsite… This worked very very well.

    Zaid: was a pleasure to meet you in person! – Cristina: felt you with us, again! :)


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