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Posterous for mobile devices

Posted on May 16th, 2010 by


I wrote before about Posterous, the plain-vanilla blogplatform I use mainly as alternative to Twitpic on one of my blogsites “Shot From the Hip: I take a picture with my iPhone, and mail it to my Posterous account with the subject as the title. Less than a minute later, the post appears. Including the location it was posted from, if I enabled the location services on my iPhone. Simple as that.

Five hundred pictures (or posts) later, it seems “Shot From the Hip” became a photographic journey allowing my loved once to follow what I am doing, exactly what I wanted it to be. Imagine what you can with that functionality, if you’d use it as a photo-log for your organisation’s projects, or for your field trips.

Posterous has now implemented a new feature, changing its layout and functions when it detects you browse from a mobile device.

For instance, on my iPhone, the home page of my Posterous site used to look like this:

old iPhone Posterous look

Now, detecting the visitor uses a mobile device, the homepage shows:

Posterous on iPhone look

Much neater, cleaner and easier to browse…

Clicking (well… “tapping” on an iPhone), on one of the posts shows the single post, automatically optimizing and resizing uploaded media such as pictures, galleries and video.. (except for the fact that iPhone does not show Flash video, of course..):

Posterous single posts on iPhone

There are a few limitations: Commenting does not work (at least not on my iPhone) and there is no access to your profile or “Subscribe buttons”.

One trick: while you can switch to the “old” look by tapping on the “Use full site” button:

Posterous on mobile - Full site button

… there is no way back to see the mobile “look”…  Except if you delete the cookies of your mobile browser.

4 Comments to “Posterous for mobile devices”

  1. mobile website says:

    That’s really a good blog on the posterous mobile. Everyone need to know . It’s an important step.

  2. Jack says:

    Very nice, but Tumblr already had a mobile template since years… Posterous seems to catch up, though!

    • Peter says:


      Indeed. I use Tumblr for quite a number of my blogs, and was going to make a short post, just to do justice to them.


  3. Readone says:


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