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I’m for hire

Peter Casier at Sharefair Addis

After many years on the frontline of humanitarian aid, I now turned my hobby into a profession, assisting nonprofit organisations with their online media presence.

Based on my past experiences, I cover online media from the beginning until the end:

I generate social media content:

  1. I write articles and stories on a wide range of topics, as I did for The Challenge Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), ICRISAT and CGIAR
  2. I produce both YouTube and broadcast quality videos. I can start from pre-recorded material like this one for Africa Agriculture GIS Week (AAGW), or this one for CGIAR. Or I can film, edit and produce the videos from start to finish, like the series on climate change in West Africa, Kenya and India.
  3. I make pictures as standalone content or as illustrations, as I did for the CCAFS project in India and Africa

I assist organisations with their online communications strategy:

I support organisations in defining or focusing their online communications strategy, as I did with CGIAR communications units, and several CGIAR research centers.

I make social media content travel:

What is the use of having good content if nobody knows about it? A lot of my work involves “making content known”: finding new “markets” by increasing the visibility to the target audience and interlinking different social media channels.  Similarly as a conventional PR firm would do through press-releases and press-conferences, I “spin” your content in the social media world.

I organise the online media outreach for events and conferences

Many events venture into social reporting, empowering participants to report live from the venue. I build the onsite and virtual social reporting teams, often combined with on-site training and mentoring.
Examples are the CGIAR Horn of Africa meeting, COP18, the Addis Abeba Sharefair, Rio+20, the Global Conference for Agricultural Research for Development, the International Forum for Water and Food, the Africa Agriculture Science Week, Planet Under Pressure, the COP19 Global Landscapes Forum, the Forests Asia Summit, the World Congress on Agroforestry and the CGIAR Development Dialogues.

I facilitate online media trainings and workshops:

Often organisations jump into the social media scene, and get stuck at a certain point. Using interactive trainings and workshops, I help them get back on track, and take their social media work to “the next level”, as I did for CIAT, the Generation Challenge Programme, the CGIAR Online Communicators, the Challenge Program on Water and Food and the CGIAR Social Media Bootcamp.

I review, redesign and host blogs:

  1. I help organisations reviewing their social media outlets, as I did for the CGIAR and the Challenge Programme on Water and Food;
  2. I design blogs from scratch or revamp existing ones. Blogs are first (re-)designed on a test server to the client’s liking, before they go live;
  3. I assist organisations in migrating their blogs, overhauling content, choosing appropriate themes and plugins, adding functionality, improving usability and SEO. I train their content writers and blog administrators;
  4. If need be, I host blogs on my own servers. For clients who don’t want to be bothered with a blog’s technical management, I take care of the software updates, security, and backups. For those who have even less time, I assist with content writing, comment moderation, and distribution of their content through a wide array of social media channels.

If you are interested to work with me, do drop me a mail:
peter (at) blogtips (dot) org

Picture courtesy Davide Piga