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BlogTips got a new layout

Mar 24th, 2013 | By
BlogTips got a new layout

BlogTips is four years old. What originally started as a collection of posts on social media, grew to a mixed bag of 200 posts, covering a variety of topics. The old layout was a conventional blog setup of a chronological string of posts. As time went by, and the amount of posts grew, it became (…)

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How to evaluate a blog – Part 5:
The user experience

Sep 29th, 2010 | By
How to evaluate a blog – Part 5:<br />The user experience

“User experience” or “Usability” is a big word for webmasters and serious bloggers. It is all – as many things while evaluating a blog or a website- all about “putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors”. In this part of our evaluation series, I will restrict our analysis to the key points of “How (…)

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BlogTips Tutorial:
How to evaluate a blog

Sep 14th, 2010 | By
BlogTips Tutorial:<br/>How to evaluate a blog

It is encouraging to see how many nonprofit organisations discover the power of social media and the added-value of blogs. Comes a time, though, where any blogmaster asks the question: “I am on the right track here?” You can look at your own blog until you are dizzy. You still won’t see what someone else (…)

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