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The Diagram of a Social Media Network

Posted on May 6th, 2009 by

dataflow diagram of a blog - click for hires
click for a high res view.

In a previous post I explained in laymen’s terms what RSS feeds are, and what they can do for you as a reader, and as a blogger.

A more technical post, described some of the technical tools I use to “transform” RSS feeds to different platforms.

As my “network” grew to 20+ blogs and aggregation sites, 40+ bookmarking sites and link collectors, I lost track, and it was time to map it all out.

Mapping it out in a Visio diagram will help you remember what feeds into what, will help you identify possible loops (where the same post is refed into a site where it already exists) and holes where information is not fed in yet.

If anything, this diagram show how it is possible to network several blogs, bookmarking sites and link collectors, one feeding into another. I only need a few “data entry points” (marked with a typewriter icon) where I post blogs, or feed links in a repository. These then automatically feed, replicate or cross post into other repositories, blogs or aggregators…

As you also see on the diagram, RSS not only helps you “syndicate” your blog, but also allows you to import material from other sites. This will make your sites more relevant and useful for your users. Make sure you always link back to the original site, otherwise you will be ‘leeching’, if not stealing contents.

When importing material from other sites, be selective as the more is not the better! Carefully select the sites you feed into your blog, not to feed junk into your site, or to clutter it with irrelevant material.

If you import RSS onto your blog, be aware that any feed (or any widget for that matter) you put on your blog, will make your site load slower. Keep the download speed as high as possible. Tips on how to do that, you can read in this post.

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  2. Tom Gibson says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information about coordinating RSS feeds.

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