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The Twitter demographic statistics

Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 by

Sysomos analysis of Twitter

When Sysomos, a social media research company, analyzed information about 11.5 million Twitters accounts, the results could not be but amazing and relevant:

  • Twitter only picked up in the last six months: 72.5% of all users joining during the first five months of 2009.
  • Most Twitter users seem to be either just ‘listening’ or are inactive: 85.3% of all Twitter users post less than one update/day, 21% of users have never posted a Tweet. 50.4% of Twitter users haven’t updated their status in the last seven days or more.
  • Most users have small social communities: 93.6% of users have less than 100 followers, while 92.4% follow less than 100 people.
  • 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity. 97.8% of Twitter users follow less than 400 people. At the other end of the extreme, 0.94% of Twitter users follow more than 1,000 people.
  • Twitter is mostly Anglo Saxon based: The US is the biggest on Twitter, followed by UK, Canada and Australia. New York has the most Twitters users, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Boston. Detroit was the fast-growing city over the first five months of 2009…
  • As we have mentioned in this post: More than 50% of all Tweets are published using tools, mobile and Web-based, other than TweetDeck is the most popular tool with 19.7% market share. Twitterfon had a 4.5% and Twitterfeed a 3.8% share. For those monitoring the traffic to their blog or website generated by Twitter: traffic from tools will show was “direct traffic” on Google Analytics!
  • Food for the social marketeers: 65% of Twitter users are under the age of 25. There are more women on Twitter (53%) than men (47%). Makes me an exception in both cases.
  • About the frequency of tweets: 85.3% of Twitter users update less than once/day; while 1.13% Twitter users update more than average of 10 times a day. As Twitter users attract more followers, they tend to Tweet more often. This is particularly evident once someone has 1,000 followers the average number of Tweets/day climb from three to six. When someone has more than 1,750 followers, the number of Tweets/day rises to 10.
  • The quantity factor of Twitter social communities: Until people have 150 followers, they follow about the same number of people. After that, this starts to break down, and people follow less in “return”.
  • A small group of Twitter users account for the bulk of activity. Sysomos discovered that 5% of users account for 75% of all activity, 10% account for 86% of activity, and the top 30% account for 97.4%.
  • As we mentioned in a previous post: not all days have the same Twitter activity: Based on a sample of 20 million Tweets, Tuesday proves to be the most popular day for Twitter activity, accounting for 15.7% of total activity; followed by Wednesday (15.6%) and Friday (14.5%). During the day, the most Twitter activity happens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST). Keep that in mind if you want to tweet that important update or link to your website!

The full report is available on the Sysomos website, which also features a full list of graphs.

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  1. Nicholas Z. Cardot says:

    There’s a lot of interesting information in that report. It sounds like they really did some homework to come up with those numbers.

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