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Tumblr and WordPress: a crawler’s difference

Posted on Feb 10th, 2011 by

search engine crawler WordPress

Mid January, I moved Aid News, one of my news aggregator sites from Tumblr to WordPress.

After the move I activated the Google XML sitemap plugin which submits the blog’s sitemap automatically to different search engines.

Look at the Google Webmaster statistics! From 0 pages crawled per day to about 750 per day… And crawling is good. You want your pages to be indexed by the search engine crawlers, as that generates search traffic.

The proof:

search engine traffic

…Almost on the spot, the traffic coming in from Google searches picked up….

Conclusion: WordPress rocks. If you are serious about your blog, and want to make it attractive to search engines, don’t put your blog on Tumblr…

5 Comments to “Tumblr and WordPress: a crawler’s difference”

  1. MicroSourcing says:

    Word Press has been touted as the ideal blogging platform for online businesses and organizations. Tumblr is better for personal accounts, nothing more.

  2. adsense says:

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  3. Digital Design Agency says:

    The SEO agencies that know these differences are the ones out making money right now! :) Cheers!!

  4. Frank says:

    Hi, i’ve tested it with some links. google needs more time to crawl the content of tumblr blogs. I dont know why…

    • Peter says:

      Yes, indeed.. that was also my conclusion… Both Blogger and WordPress get indexed much faster…

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