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Twitter kills Posterous

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2013 by

Twitter kills Posterous

When micro-blogging giant Twitter bought mini-blogging Posterous last year, the news was received with mixed feelings. Early on, there were suspicions that Twitter was going to kill Posterous. For reasons unknown actually, as Posterous was not a Twitter, but rather a Tumblr competitor.

So 12 months down the road, Posterous’ death has been announced: As of April 30 2013, there will be nothing left of Posterous except a heap of burning ash, and thousands of frustrated ex-users.

It is a pity, though. Posterous, pioneering in the “easy blogging”-market, still has many users, and was one of the low-entry blog platforms. I, for one, use Posterous a lot, as an alternative to Twitpic, to easily post pictures from my iPhone.

Posterous now supports a function to export posts, so you can import them easily into WordPress. WordPress, though one of the best blogging platforms, is more complex to use than Posterous or Tumblr. This makes a move from Posterous to WordPress, quite a step for the (ex-)Posterous users. Atop of that, I don’t like WordPress over-complicated email-to-post function, something I use all the time for my Posterous blog.

It would be easier to move to Tumblr, Posterous’ arch-rival in the mini-blogging market, and offering the same ease-of-use and functionality. However, Tumblr does NOT provide an import function (yet). A hole in the market.. Tumblr, are you listening? Lifehacker does suggest a manual workaround, but right now, I sitting on 2,500 Posterous blogposts to migrate… Doing it manually is not a practical option.

So, Twitter: thanks a lot, guys..! :(
Planning on buying and sinking any other social media tools? Tell me as I’ll abandon them asap..!

Update Feb 24:
Eureka! Just Migrate will migrate your Posterous blog onto Tumblr in one click. #YAY! – Here is my migrated Posterous site, now on Tumblr!

7 Comments to “Twitter kills Posterous”

  1. Brje says:

    Hello is the Posterous export come up? How can I export my picture files from posterous to Tumblr in one scoop?


    • Peter says:

      Yes, the export function is working since Twitter announced they were going to shutdown Posterous. Log into your Posterous account and in the top part of your screen, you will see a “Backup” button.
      Once the backup is done, you’ll get a mail with a link to download.

      The downloaded file contains the XML for all your posts, INCLUDING all pictures and videos you downloaded (the actual pictures and videos, not just the links).

  2. Brje says:

    Also, are there any tools like JustMigrate, which can do it for free? I have around 250+ posts and I am stuck, so to sprak!

    • Peter says:

      I am not aware of any other tools. I think JustMigrate ask $10 to migrate 250 posts. I think that is money well spent. Their support is excellent. I used them for 2 (paid) migration, and they do everything they can to provide a good service.

      • Brje says:

        Thanks, I asked for the backup on Posterous. Checking with Justmigrate, on trial service, to see if it works fine.

        Btw, now I would like to export out of Twitpic also, and consolidate on Tumblr (is that a good idea?), any idea how to do it (Google doesn’t help)?

        Thank you,

        • Peter says:

          I do not know of any Twitpic to Tumblr export, but I have done a large migration from Twitpic to Posterous before. So if you really want those Twitpic pictures, you might think of Twitpic to Posterous to Tumblr.

          • Brje says:

            That makes sense! I can take Posterous backup as well as it will make sense to pay justMigrate, becoz that will be 800+posts!

            Thank you Peter.

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