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How to make Twitter work for your blog in 3 easy steps

Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 by

I previously published a post on how to increase quality traffic on your blog using Twitter.

Here is a second simple case study on how Twitter can complement your blog and increase interest for your cause and traffic to your blog.

In October 2008, I started several pain vanilla blogs on Tumblr, a simple and straightforward blog platform. I will use two of them in this short case study: and As they are so similar in setup and layout, I call them “my twin sites”. and screen shots

Both blogs re-publish summaries of articles from interesting sites I handpicked, each time including a link to the original article. I described this technique in my post RSS Reversed – From Feed to Blog.

I was quite enthusiastic about the setup and the contents of both blogs, and used it quite often as an information aggregator at work. I followed all the usual “need-to-do” to ensure the world knows these blogs exist: I submitted them to blog directories and search engines, and referred regularly to them on my main blog.

Yet, the traffic was not picking up. After nine months, each of the twin sites had about 20 visits per day. As as blogger, you know the feeling: you have something which is really worth reading -according to you- (or worth using as a tool, in case of these blogs) and yet, people don’t seem to pick up these pearls. I felt a bit frustrated.

As I discovered the power of Twitter to create a social community and drive traffic to my main blog, I thought to put my own ideas to the test.

An extra challenge in this case was: while for my main blog (and my personal twitter account), I had time to interact with my Twitter followers, I did not have such luxury for the twin blogs. Would it still be possible, to use Twitter -a microblog tool based on interactivity and interaction- to increase traffic to my blogs without investing loads of time in interacting with my Twitter community?

It was! Here is how I did it, in three steps which literally took me one hour:

  1. I created two new Twitter accounts, one for each blog: one for AidNews and one for ChangeThru.Info.
  2. With a simple tool called TwitterFeed, I automatically turned new posts published on each blog into Tweets – using the blogs’ RSS feeds. Each tweet has the title of the post, and the link to the post on my blog.
  3. To “let the world know” of the two new Twitter accounts, I retweeted half a dozen of the tweets each generated on my main Twitter account.

Lo and behold, my Twitter social community picked it up with a snap of the finger. Look how visitors traffic increased on both blogs within days after I start Twittering.

AidNews traffic

AidNews daily visitors increased from 20 to 200


...and ChangeThruInfo daily visitors went from 10 to 120

A ten fold traffic increase in both cases, all done on May 23rd, 10 pm working with my laptop in the hammock on my back terrace.

What surprised me even more was Twitter’s social networking powers: as more people started to follow both Twitter accounts, and started re-tweeting interesting posts, both Twitter accounts went “viral”. Here is a graph of the Twitter followers on AidNews: from 0 to 187 in two weeks.

AidNews Twitter counter

In one hour, using existing and free tools, I accomplished with Twitter what I was not able to do in nine months before: not only did I increase the traffic on both blogs by 1,000%, but I also created two new Twitter social communities, interested in my causes, and in my sites.

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