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Wanted: Facebook API – guru advice

Posted on Sep 25th, 2012 by


At the Consortium of Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR), we’re looking for some advice from Facebook API-gurus. We would like you to tell us if this crazy idea is possible, and how to go about developing it:

Here’s the story: Simply said, CGIAR is a group of nonprofit agricultural research centers and projects. Many of these individual entities have their own social media presence, including their own Facebook pages.

On the “central” CGIAR website, we want to make a single page, aggregating the latest Facebook posts from all Facebook pages, from all centers and research programs, and allow people to interact with that “set” of posts.

This would pretty much be the same as what the Twitter-lists widget does: (using the @CGIAR/CGIAR-on-twitter list as an example):

Twitter widget

That Twitter widget shows, in real time, the incoming Tweets from all CGIAR centers and programs. When you hover over a post, some buttons appear, and you can “retweet”, “favour”, or “reply”…

Well… we’d like the same for Facebook: showing all incoming posts from all CGIAR Facebook pages. The visitor can hover over a post, and “like”, “comment”, “share” onto their own Facebook account.

Would that not be cool? From one central page, you’d actually be able to see and interact with “the world of agricultural research on Facebook”?!

So, Facebook API gurus: What do you think? Is this feasible? Which API’s to use in our application? How would you go about building this app?
Please leave a comment, or email me via peter (at) blogtips (dot) org.

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  1. Peter says:

    I got two applications via email. Thank you guys!

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