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Yahoo Pipes upgrades to V2

Posted on Jul 17th, 2011 by

leaky pipe

Yahoo Pipes is a powerful and free tool, which allows you to combine and manipulate RSS feeds. I use it extensively for many of my news aggregation blogs.

In the past, Yahoo Pipes has been suffering from regular downtime, and just over one year ago, Yahoo decided it was time to overhaul the Pipes’ core engine entirely: “Pipes Version 2″, or V2 was born.

Well, it was a difficult birth it seems.

Since June last year, Pipes V2 was available in beta for its end-users. The initial testing revealed so many bugs that hardly anyone bothered to report problems anymore on the V2-discussion forum.

A couple of months ago, it seems Yahoo put new steam in the V2-migration. Several software engineers started to actively engage on the support forum. But still, bugs were plentiful. Many answers were the same: “Known issue. Working on it”. I tried my share, but did not succeed to migrate any of my pipes successfully to V2. So hardly anyone migrated. And if they did, most switched back to the V1-engine immediately.

That was until end June when Yahoo announced the “switch back” would no longer be available. And that all pipes would be converted to V2 as of early August.


Everyone is now scrambling to convert their pipes to V2. Luckily, Yahoo beefed up their presence on the discussion forum, and a number of active and user-oriented software engineers were braving the wave of complaints.

It was not until last week when a real stable V2-version was released (that was one day before a 20 hour long Pipes melt-down, but that is just a detail).

A few nights ago, I tested and migrated all my 30-odd pipes one by one, and found that with one or two exceptions, all pipes migrated just fine. The few errors I found, have been fixed by the Pipes team in the mean time, or I was able to work around them.

So, my advice: if you are using Yahoo Pipes, better test and convert those Pipes NOW, before you are left with no choice. Deadline: August 1, remember?

PS: If you are interested in this powerful RSS manipulation tool, check out my simple Yahoo Pipes Tutorial.


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6 Comments to “Yahoo Pipes upgrades to V2”

  1. Dien toan dam says:

    So funny with your pics for Yahoo Pipes (it’s leaked) :) )
    Thanks for your announcing post !

    • Peter says:

      Good of you to notice the humor with the leaking pipes…! That was refering to Pipes V1: they were pretty leaky and not a very good uptime. V2 seems to be much more stable!

  2. immunk says:

    Could you help me or guide me about yahoo pipes. I don’t know how to used yahoo pipes on my article technology blog. I need private guide for this. Please help me. Thank you

  3. Hendra says:


    If there any possible with yahoo pipes get BING image (HD) or Flickr Image (HD) then posting to blogger ?? i find all pipes on yahoo and can not get it …


    • Peter says:

      Hi Hendra,

      Blogger does not allow you to post automatically from an RSS feed. The only way I could suggest, is to:
      1/ Convert your Yahoo Pipes into a feed
      2/ import that feed into a feed-to-JS script e.g. via
      3/ and display that feed as a fixed post on your Blogger blog.

      Hope this helps,

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